Kaleidoscope of Homes

  • 40 press releases written. 80% of those original releases were rewritten for other media. Approximately 40 photos were distributed through various media.
  • Releases and photos were sent electronically to 200 local print and broadcast media, the PRWeb's 1,000‐plus media distribution, local consumer and trade magazines.
  • Five releases were placed on the PRWeb Newswire –distribution to more than 1,000 media outlets, including the Associated Press and other wire services as well as media focused on news, real estate, business, home, and design.
  • The Dallas Morning News ran 100 inches and four photos on the front of the Guide Daily lifestyle section.
  • The Fort Worth Star‐Telegram ran a lengthy feature by Sandy Baker in its business section.
  • The Fort Worth Business Press ran a story and photo in its People section Nov.1.
  • Sandy Baker (FWST) also ran a business pages story with a photo at the beginning of the event.
  • The FWST ran 100 inches and four photos on the front of its lifestyle section.
  • FWST‐owned Alliance papers ran a story and photo most weeks during the show.
  • Panache, the FWST glossy magazine, ran a one‐page feature story.
  • Savvy Magazine ran a cover story with the Kaleidoscope montage that the agency created and a four‐page inside story with interviews and photographs.
  • Approximately 25 blogs that we were able to track picked up the various press releases and put our stories on their blogs. Momandwife.com ran four different entries (one on each house with dozens of photos) and with terrific kudos.
  • Several of those bloggers came to the show and wrote their own reviews and features, including photographs they acquired from the Web.
  • Channel 11 planned to cover the second weekend of the show for its weekend news broadcast. (Broadcast coverage is more difficult to monitor and measure without a prohibitively expensive tracking system.)

The Dallas Morning News

Among many high‐profile media placements, the Oct. 16th front page of The Dallas Morning News Guide Daily section – a feature story by Marice Richter on Simmons Estate Homes' green building features –was a homerun.

Two weeks later, The Fort Worth Star‐Telegram picked up the story and ran it on the cover of its lifestyle section.


Analytics for press releases distributed via PRWeb Newswire

Impressions ‐This report tells you how many times the title of your release appeared in a feed or Web page we have the ability to track. Please note that the actual number of impressions is significantly larger; however, we do not currently have the ability to track impressions on all of our partner sites or search engines. (PRWeb)

FW builders announce plans for Kaleidoscope of Homes 462 impressions 386 reads
Announcement, ribbon cutting 8,407 impressions 922 reads
2010 KofH award winners announced by GFWBA 18,845 impressions 1,013 reads
2010 KofH extends luxury home show for record‐breaking crowds 17,955 impressions 495 reads

Total after only first 24 hours 45,669 impressions 48,485 reads
(These were measured after only a few hours, so total impressions and reads were much greater in subsequent days.)