• We analyze your product, the marketplace in general and your target audience in order to develop a comprehensive marketing plan.
  • Short-range and long-range goals are determined and outlined by date of completion and priority.
  • A project status will be provided to keep all plans on schedule and on budget.
  • Conference reports will be done after every meeting to recap client requests, decisions and approvals.
  • We would attend sales/staff meetings on a regular basis for feedback, customer profiles and sales reports, as necessary.
  • Media flow charts are provided on an annual basis and updated on a monthly basis to keep client and agency aware of budget expenditures to date.
  • Overall budget flow charts are developed and updated as needed.
  • A quarterly marketing review allows us to analyze our marketing effort and make any adjustment that might be necessary.
  • A monthly public relations report is sent out to recap all activities, provide publicity tearsheets and outline projects in progress.
  • Invoices outline the project, the budget and corresponding back-up is included.

Account Team

This group’s at the heart of your account. Specialists from such agency disciplines as production, media and public relations work under the guidance of a senior partner/account supervisor. Together, we focus on planning, developing and budgeting your entire ad and marketing program.


Innovative ideas come from great creative minds and we assemble the best talent in the area to bring your products and services to life. Through exciting graphic design and inspired copywriting, our creative team works wonders to build market share, craft a positive product image and create demand.


We make informed marketing decisions backed by solid research. Whether it’s a small research project or a comprehensive feasibility study, we have access to the resources and the professionals it takes to help create a direction, outline problems and provide solutions.


We live in the past, present and future. That’s because the only way to develop meaningful marketing strategies for your company is to understand where you’ve been, where you are now and where you want your company to be years down the road. Before our creative efforts begin, we’ll work closely with your sales and marketing staff to define your overall marketing position, analyze your competition and provide product, media and buyer preference studies.


If you’ve never thought media planning and scheduling could be creative, wait until you work with us. Using current market research and response history, we’ll provide exciting options that identify and target your audience in the most effective and cost-efficient ways possible.


We’ll watch your jobs like a hawk, making sure they stay on-schedule and in budget. This also means keeping up with technological advances that seem to change by the day in our business. It’s all part of the territory that comes with helping you maintain your competitive edge in a rapidly-changing marketplace.

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Our Team

Anderson Hanson & Blanton is led by three of the most experienced professionals in advertising, marketing and public relations.

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